Sat 05
U14 Binfield Vikings
Sat 5
Spencers Wood Youth


By Alan Clark
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A great start to the match in the 1st qtr was achieved with an early goal from Michael into the low left of the goal after a good move through the centre and right wing between George T and James. James looking up to assist Michael with a clear ball trough him. Michael is on a good run of regular goals again in the 1st half of the matches, before he takes up the responsibility in goal for the 2nd half.
This was closely followed by another in which this time Michael held the ball to feed out to the centre left, for George T to receive and take his chance. We encourage the boys to all take their chances in such areas as the front 3rd, as you never known what will happen. This is the point where we test the boys to take the chance they think they see or think and act upon a better option in moving the ball.
Confidence in taking your chance was demonstrated as George T received the ball and accurately shot at goal to see it past the keeper and roll into the net. I heard during the game that this was a ‘lucky goal’, far from it.
Qtr 2 was also a strong start for the team and it was only after a deflected stop by George P in defence, went towards goal and under Jamie. A soft goal to give away and helped the opposition gain some momentum.
Like us, they hit on the bounce again and after a very good free kick, drew level.
Advantage was lost in the 3rd qtr after a break down the left was not dealt with and positioning lost for a threat less ball forward, being turned into a chance in front of our goal that was taken.
Throughout this 3rd qtr and the 4th, the team continued to work hard and had some good opportunities to equalize.
As a coach in such games, it is always a struggle to get a balance between helping all players get the usual fair time playing vs having to change the game plan to meet the sustaining injuries or the need to put the muscle on to strengthen up. I don’t like to do this often, but playing in such a strong section and against such teams, it leaves no options.
What is in evidence is the teams continued strength in support and ‘got your back’ attitude to each other.
Despite the result, the team showed how much they love to play for each other and how they feel about trying to achieve their own expectation, not just ours.
We have some great characters in the team and I would never wish to see this change.
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Sat 05, Mar 2016